Be part of our effort to bring paper ballots to Georgia voters

Your financial support is essential for the success of our mission. Our work is focused on protecting voters’ rights to fair elections.

The Coalition’s current lawsuit seeks a federal court order that voting on Georgia’s unauditable system is unconstitutional and that Georgia’s use of the paperless touchscreen voting machines must be discontinued prior to the November 2018 elections. See our Current Projects Page for details. Of the few remaining states that use the unauditable paperless touchscreen system statewide, Georgia is the most populous.

Your donations are dedicated to cover the direct costs of the Georgia lawsuit. Executive Director Marilyn Marks devotes full-time effort to the Coalition’s work and does not receive compensation. Likewise, the directors devote many hours each week to the Coalition’s work, also without compensation.

If you prefer to donate by check, please make out the check to Coalition for Good Governance and mail it to

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